Monday, January 23, 2017

The End of the Silence Perhaps?

Well I certainly hope so! Hey everyone! Ann is back and man has A LOT happened in the last couple years. A bit more drama than I naturally care for in my everyday life, but hey let's not dwell on this cause we all know you didn't come here for that right? Anyway, I have a HUGE art dump to do today to prove I was still somewhat productive art/design wise while on that impromptu hiatus. As you can see the good ole blog, portfolio and resume have all been updated with a fresh new look. I'm totally digging it right now, most especially my rezzie. It's so much less cluttered. But I digress!

At one point I believe I tried to do freelance design work. I only ever got one or two people interested. One I did manage to do a couple actual designs for, but he unfortunately wasn't liking where it was going and pulled out before even getting into the second phase iteration let alone color! I never heard from him ever again. After discovering these designs again, I thought I'd look him up. Seems that business and another similar one both were put to bed for whatever reasons. Oh well. I will admit these probably weren't the best of my work, but I did try really hard even though I was sick. I really didn't like the design he specified for me to create (first ones below) because it was a rather difficult one considering the time frame for the project and the other designs I had to do too, but I still tried my best and even threw in an alt version for free because I thought it was a bit better than the first. My favorite out of all these and apparently his least favorite from what I remember was the the one I had with the tag line. The last one I really really hate, but I was still trying to incorporate what he asked for in terms of the first design, but in a different way. For obvious reasons, it was a fail on that one.

For about six months there I was employed as a part-time graphic designer for one of the local International Minute Press print shops. The end came quick and swift, but I was lucky enough to be able to snag a couple designs I did for them while I was there before I left. Too bad they weren't any of my absolute best designs from them. -_- But hey, at least I got something to show for that time. Besides, I did learn a few things while there as well, so that's another plus. So I got one wedding/engagement announcement, two business Christmas cards and one Christmas party invite. Obviously I've obstructed some parts of these designs to protect the companies and people's information.



So after that came some more ugliness in my life that I'd rather not elaborate on here because that's not what this is for lol! While I was trying to piece back together my life and figure out what the heck I was doing and wanted to do, I thought maybe I would try dog walking/sitting for extra cash. Thus I made a poster I put around town to help wrangle some business. I believe most of them got taken down because I didn't really get any calls or anything. Oh well, I still think the poster is totally adorable!

After that I tried to start an online Etsy business for creating all kinds of handmade items from cards to jewelry to sculpts. I started with cards because they seemed to be easiest. Boy was I wrong! After making the dress one below, which was probably one of the most difficult paper crafts I've EVER done, I sort of lost motivation to try moving forward with that shop. It's currently unavailable, but I am still considering it a possibility in the future, just not right now.  Logo design and two card designs to follow.

So at the end of it all, I decided I really need to buckle down and get into a career based job that allows me to use something of my degrees. So I've come back full circle, though with profoundly less stress and distractions. Though honestly, I believe those will probably come and rear their ugly heads again at some point, but I'm trying to stay super positive this time around! After doing these updates, I plan on getting back onto sculpt projects and maybe a writing project? Haha, I bet none of you knew I was quite a dabbler in the art of creative writing. It was more a hobby than anything else, but I will admit, I'm probably better at that than anything else since I've been writing and making up stories since I was just a wee little thing, lol. Well, until next time, keep living the dream everyone!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

4th of July Invitation

Hello all! In an attempt to practice my graphic skills, I came up with an invitation that someone could use for Independence Day for perhaps a BBQ or just any type of 4th of July party.

*Note the names and contact information on this invite are completely fictional. Any similarities to persons alive or living are purely coincidental.

Happy holidays everyone!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Earth Queen Ivy

My my, how the month has flown by so fast. Honestly I probably should have worked on this more than I did, but time has a way of just getting away from me more often than not. Anyway, this was my original concept for my Game Artisan Comicon Challenge and this... my brand new, fully fleshed out idea of which I've lovingly dubbed, Earth Queen Ivy. Though I may have took way more time on this than I initially should have, I'm actually quite happy with how it turned out. Now comes the hard part, I just got to model, paint and pose her. XD T_T With everything planned out so nicely, I'm hoping it'll take a lot of the guess work out of this model for me and not get me stuck too long on any one thing.